Training and commissioning


Training and commissioning

A right training is a guarantee of success.


Correct transfer of knowledge and adaptation to the new methodology.

The key to success is the correct transfer of knowledge, training a key user from the client with the role of administrators of our software.

It’s easy to forget that the success of the implementation of a software system depends mainly upon the users. The system itself is a non-living and logical entity that follows logical steps and processes as it has been programmed to, but the users of the system are humans who were used to processes with software being one way and will more than likely find it hard to switch to a new way of doing things, especially if the benefit of the new methods is not immediately obvious or forthcoming. WGM will help to our customers to make this transition.

During the Project development, we collaborate actively during all the process, helping all the staff to adapt themselves to this new management philosophy.

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