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The best computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) on the market.

Abismo.net is an on-line tool, developed to be used in several plants, different facilities, in several languages, and by multiple users. The great strengths of Abismo.net lie on its adaptability and friendly user interface; It is totally adaptable to any industrial sector, management philosophy and to any computer skills. Abismo.net integrates a powerful maintenance, purchasing and warehouse manager, as well as all the areas involved in any industrial facility.

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What is Abismo? Characteristics


Totally web applications.

Abismo.net has been developed according to the last available technology, been one of the first and best web application on its fields, being an on-cloud application, which make easy the access from anywhere, improving the mobility of the people and the jobs, with the corresponding savings.

Totally customizable.

One of the most important strength of Abismo.net is the capacity to be adapted to any need and/or requirement of any type of industry or client. This strength allows Abismo.net setting all the asset levels and their technical characteristics, users, maintenance planning, and etc..., with personal access to each user by profile.

Multilingual, multiuser and multiplant Application

Abismo.net is a Multilingual, multiuser and multiplant Application. It is a CMMS developed to manage preventive and corrective industrial maintenance, also include a powerful tool to manage spare parts and purchases.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Usually the form of marketing of Abismo.net is SaaS mode, in this case is a software licensing in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Therefore there are only few requirements to be taken into account by the client, such as broadband Internet access. The web access has SSL security 24 hours, 7 days a week, and no additional hardware investment are required.


Abismo.net makes easier the implementation of any Health & Environment Action Plan referred to the maintenance area, therefore Abismo.net allows to link any action or service related with any asset or service at all levels or ranges defined at any level of the drop­down menu, as well as all the actions or procedures that have to be taken into account.
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Native web Application Data Base­ SQL Server 2012 Microsoft.net C# Asp.net/Ajax Third party platform integration through Web Services. Framework 4.5 IIS 7.0 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Remote access through a browser. (ie10 or higher, Mozilla Firefox,etc..).
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CMMS advantages. Abismo.net



CMMS benefits

The implementation of a management software, specifically in maintenance area presents many advantages: Improve the organization of the maintenance department. Ensure the correct execution of the maintenance tasks. Facilitate the planning, coordination, and control of needs and tasks. Improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance. Facilitate the economic control and decision making. Ensure compliance with requirements for quality, environment and health and safety requirements.



Mayor aspect

Asset Management. Facilities Control Management, Strategic Planning. Corrective and Preventive Maintenance. Time Based Maintenance TBM. Control the highest standards of quality, health and safety and environmental management. Inventory and Purchasing Management. Access to all type of information through mobile devices. Contract, incident and production management. Analytical and electric consumes management.



Why Abismo.net?

Abismo.net is a web system, it has been developed to be used by different plants, facilities, languages and users. The strengths of Abismo.net are its adaptability and easy-to-use. Abismo.net can be implement in any type of industry or management philosophy.



Totally customizable.

One of the most important characteristic of Abismo.net is its high adaptation capacity to any type of Company or sector. All parameters are customizable, allows to set all the assets level and their characteristic, users permission and maintenance planning.



WGM consulting services.

WGM counts with more than 20 years of experience implementing and installing CMMSs in any sector or industry. We offer consulting services with the most experienced senior consultants. The key of our success lies in our adaptability, looking forwards the market and the client needs.



Online / offline mobility.

WGM has developed a multi­platform mobility application based on the lasted technologies which so far, were only oriented to large-sized companies. This technology allows you to make more productive, easy and reliable all the data query and collection at any place, which facilitate all the maintenance tasks in a simple and intuitive way avoiding paper. The system allows you to work ON and OFF­ Line indistinctly, in case of no available coverage or internet connections, the mobile device is capable of collecting and storing all necessary information, synchronizing the information once the device is connected to the network, through a truly system­wide conflict resolution system to ensure completeness and consistency.




José Manuel Solanot García.

Thanks to Abismo.net it has been possible to achieve our aims in maintenance management.

“From the Huricana Group we understand the maintenance as a total productive maintenance (TPM) that means maintaining and improving the integrity of production and quality systems through the machines, equipment, processes, and employees that add business value to an organization. TPM focuses on keeping all equipment in top working condition to avoid breakdowns and delays in manufacturing processes. With this philosophy, in 1998 we implement a large maintenance plan, since then until now this MP has been upgraded and complemented, and extended to the total of the companies of the group. These upgrades are in part to adapt it to the new codes and industrial envorinmental.”

Mechanical Engineer, Euro-engineer, Technical Director at Grupo Haricana since 1994.

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